Securing money when crisis

The financial crisis also could happen to you if you cannot manage money well. Although the job is still safe, or even the macro economic conditions are still under control, your inability to organize, manage, financial planning, and discipline yourself to be a source of personal financial crisis.

This condition can be avoided even if you lose your job, no business running smoothly, or macroeconomic conditions slumped. Owns and runs a financial planning solution.

"Planning, strategy, and discipline, this is the key to face the temptations are many and make the consumer consumption," explained Meliana Sutikno, Retail Bank Head, Citibank, the launch of financial planning education program titled "Managing Your Wealth" from City Indonesia in Jakarta, Wednesday (1
/ 9 / 2010) ago.

Savings and pensions have become just a way to save some of your financial condition of the crisis. With a savings or reserves, you can also secure despite crisis of whack. At least you can still survive and be able to make a living despite the crisis hit, due to job loss for example.

Unfortunately, Indonesia never savings were sufficient to get through the crisis. Research Citi Indonesia mentions, one in five people of Indonesia (20 percent) who have savings sufficient to declare his savings just four weeks. On average, Indonesian people have only enough savings for 11 weeks.

Though financial planners often asserted, you should have a minimum three-month reserve fund from the revenue. Some are measured not from income, but expenditures. This means that your bank account should be filled in the amount of money sufficient for three months if you lose your livelihood.

Planning for retirement funds to other needs that you must meet.
The goal is that you can still survive with a comfortable time of crisis or when no longer earning money.

Science plan and manage your finances can be acquired in many ways. Following the seminars, workshops, looking for references from the books, and various articles to be some way. You can read the book Managing Your Wealth or through the website at containing various stages of financial planning in its relevance to the age and needs.

What is learned?
* Begin to understand how to control your money, such as making financial decisions carefully to select the advisor or financial planner right.

* Next, how to develop your money by investing. Begin to learn to recognize risks and find the most appropriate strategy for you, as well as selecting investment products that can optimize your money.

* Knowledge of understanding and utilizing credit you also need to have in order not easy to get caught in credit card debt.

* Financial planning is also needed for families, including children. For example, children's education savings.

* Setting up the pension fund becomes an important requirement. Approximately 24 percent of Indonesia yet to start retirement plans (research Citi Indonesia). The good news, 38 percent had started saving, but did not know the needs of pension funds, and 26 percent have had good planning for retirement funds. Which you belong to this class?

* If a healthy financial condition, you can bequeath your assets appropriately for the survival of the next generation. You certainly want your children to live in peace instead? Even the science of managing any funds you can learn heritage.

An understanding of financial planning will not produce results if not implemented with a strong commitment. Self-discipline will be key to the success you get a more healthy financial condition.

"The commitment of every individual needs to be improved, do not run away from the original plan," emphasized Meliana.
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