Obama's appointed new economic adviser

U.S. President Barack Obama's newly appointed economic adviser is Austan Goolsbee. Goolsbee, Obama will put in a chair Council of Economic Advisors (Council of Economic Advisors / CEA).

This was conveyed by a U.S. administration official quoted by the AFP on Friday (09/10/2010).

Goolsbee appointed Obama has become the main economic adviser to replace Christina Romer who resigned to return to academia.

Replacing is done when Obama tried to convince Americans that the economic policies being operated useful to overcome the amount of unemployment, and could increase economic growth.

CEA contains three member panel charged with advising the President on economic research and analysis on issues of domestic and international economy.

Goolsbee currently serves as chief economist at the Economic Recovery Advisory Council was formed to navigate Obama U.S. economic recovery after the economic crisis in that country.
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