Organic White Tea

Traditionally organic white tea from Fujian, the province of China, the young leaves and untreated shrub Camellia sinensis, tea and many other shrubs, which have come from the region. These are Chaicha, Narcissus, Da Bai, and Xiao Bai.

Often, organic white tea buds, together with the leaves. White tea buds are tender and has less caffeine than most of them visited tea, or who are older. Buds are what gives the tea its taste and character. This tea is only two of the three days a year, supplies are very limited resources were harvested.

Silver Needle Tea is one of the most common organic white tea. Handpicked before the first buds open to opportunity, they are immediately dried with minimal processing. This type of tea is a mild, sweet floral flavor and a smooth, refreshing, but very clear and permanent.

Do not make such a tea steep long as people are susceptible because the mild flavor. It is soft and smooth, and not a mixture of bold or overpowering. Although the usual production areas in Fujian, China is a state of "original" is now in the production of white tea merchants in India and the organic sales in the U.S.. Processing of organic white tea in Sri Lanka seems to signal some of the great estates as well.

Tea merchants are usually made of a pure selection of basic material and organic white tea, Chinese tea plant. Some versions of the newly hybridized to grow in other areas near the region with similar climate has taken.

Provide high-quality white tea buds are collected only for new, and even before the East. Processing is to give them die off naturally in a tin or dried in the sun. Each flower is covered with silver fuzz, some long and some short exact depending on the species, where they grew up. Organic White tea is not chemically treated in any way, and it is the most natural of all teas. It is very low caffeine and offers a variety of antioxidants to help ingested live a healthier lifestyle.

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