Marketing Strategies

There are many marketing strategies that the company used its product-sensitive customers make. Here are two marketing strategies that are very useful in a business.
• Press the strategy, it is a kind of marketing strategy that uses all the techniques of personal selling as home sales and marketing of television, to inform customers about the product.
The strategy is also, as it pushes the product the customers allowed. In this type of marketing, customer service and the seller have a face to put to the interaction of the product in question. The customer receives a first-hand the sales staff. Through interaction, the customer gets all doubts about the product whatsoever, so that the picture is clear in the minds of customers about the product. This strategy is used when the demand for the product is very low, and the clientele is small.
• Pull the strategy is a kind of marketing strategy that attracts customers to a product with the means of advertising. There are no personal communication between the seller and the customer. Here the customer has the product after seeing the advertising. Hence the name of the strategy of tension. This strategy is for products that have high demand and where demand is relatively inelastic used. Media advertising is used to reach a large audience. This strategy does not erase the concerns of the customer. If the customer sees the ad, it's time to think over his doubts. This strategy uses a channel along the distribution of products, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers includes.

With both types of marketing strategies, the company must decide what kind of strategy that would use it. The most important factor is that the nature of the strategy of the company intended to be used the product and the demand for the product. For example, if the company is a manufacturer of toys, he can with advertising on the demand for toys that almost all children to bring the television today. Through advertising on television, and the company to all its customers.

Both marketing strategies mentioned above are only a means to promote a product to sales volume increases. Although the company uses the push strategy, it must ensure that, even with the advocacy strategy that complements the strategy of push. Advocacy is the process by which the word of mouth from customers to the product intended. Sales Manager must ensure that personal word of mouth continues to grow. Cal also uses the technique of SEO, where the person takes sales leads potential clients and customers of existing customers. This is another innovative way to promote a product. Says marketing is very important in a company.
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